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Welcome Zero Day to Lansing!

Former Genesee Street School, now Zero Day Headquarters in Lansing, Michigan on Wednesday, June 19, 2013.

Zero Day Headquarters in Lansing, Michigan on Wednesday June 19, 2013.

Behind the red, brick walls and overgrown hedges houses the headquarters of a nonprofit that is doing great things for a great cause. 

What was once the Genesee Street School is now Zero Day, a Lansing, Michigan based non-profit which trains veterans in careers and helps assimilate them back into civilization.  It is designed for veterans ready to take charge of their life through training, employment, and housing allowing them to live an honorable life full of dignity and purpose.

Zero Day is led by active military personnel, business and community leaders, counselors, and military support personnel.  One of the co-founding members of Zero Day is a retired military veteran, so Zero Day knows exactly what these veterans are dealing with and the type of support they need. 

Veterans enrolled in the Zero Day program receive 24 hour free access to one of four psychologists and train in careers of their choosing.  Thus far, most veterans enrolled in the program have chosen to learn the trade of home renovation. 

Zero Day has contracted with local banks to send veterans to properties which the bank owns where they are working to make them safer for the neighborhoods, more energy efficient, and in some cases removing what can be salvaged before demolition.  The former Michigan School for the Blind is one property the veterans are working on to help preserve that historic landmark.  Even in the organizations infancy, the veterans work has already had a tremendous impact on the neighborhoods that they have worked. 

These veterans have given so much for our country.  Zero Day believes it is time we give something back to them.